ASTM Phantom

At Atracsys, we trust that we offer the best performance when it comes to optical trackers. This is why we also provide the tools for objectively assessing the tracking accuracy by means of a specific phantom. This metrological item is carefully crafted from a single solid block of premium-grade aluminium with divots scattered at its surface. Each phantom has the exact position of its divots measured by a high-end Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) by an independent company (certificate provided with each product).

The phantom is meant to serve as a base for the procedure described in the ASTM standard F2554 (F2554-22), the most recognized standard for tracking accuracy testing in computer-aided surgery systems. Its design follows closely the guidelines and comply with all the requirements described in the standard. Nonetheless, after many iterations and trials, we think that our take at this phantom provides the best user experience without compromising the reliability.

Please note : Navex marker is not included