Atracsys at a Glance


Atracsys approaches any project and collaboration with consideration of the customer’s needs, and has made its priority to provide high quality support to our partners. Atracsys has a diverse product portfolio and delivers quality measurement solutions integrated relevant to the medical industry, applicable and easily integrated in computer assisted or robotic surgeries.

Our Values

  • Continuous innovation through research & development and improvement of our products for our customers and partners
  • Precision and technical excellence are at core of all of our products and services
  • Respecting our engagements with our partners and customer is of great importance
  • Your project is our priority, providing you support with integration services at all times during your project


For over 15 years, Atracsys, a Swiss based global engineering and manufacturing company is offering cutting edge optical tracking technology supporting the medical industry with continuous innovation worldwide. Atracsys has a diverse product portfolio and delivers high quality measurement solutions integrated relevant to the medical industry, applicable and easily integrated in computer assisted or robotic surgeries. At Atracsys, we value research and innovation and thus among our loyal customers are the well-known and highly respected academic institutions, using our solutions for research. We invite you to consult our general brochure for more information here

Atracsys optical tracking solutions deliver reliable and accurate results at high speed, whilst maintaining low latency. Our technology is entirely designed, engineered, manufactured and verified in Switzerland and follows the ISO 13485 medical quality system, see the certification ISO 13485 TUV Certificate (PDF).

Atracsys aims at continuously contributing to the improvements in healthcare all around the world, guiding surgical instruments with sub-millimetric precision.

Atracsys offers the following products and services to our customers:

  • Off the shelf products from our product portfolio: the products can be delivered just as or can be customized upon request from the customer. For queries regarding product purchase or customization opportunities, please contact our
  • Tailor-made custom projects, solution for your business. A team of our engineers is ready to collaborate and develop a product based on your needs. For any further information, please contact our
  • Services such as engineering consulting and integration support are also offered by Atracsys. If you would like to find out more, please


Atracsys Headquarters

Route du Verney 20B
CH-1070 Puidoux

Download the access map here.

+41 21 533 09 00



Atracsys joins the Smith + Nephew Group. The press release is available here.


Atracsys launched the spryTrack 180 compact tracking system, ideally suited for surgeons needing a mobile and compact solution.


Atracsys launched the fusionTrack 500 and fusionTrack 250 tracking systems. This last generation of tracking systems is dedicated to Robotics Assisted Surgery RAS applications as well as Computer Assisted Surgery CAS applications requiring more flexibility and/or high precision.


Atracsys has successfully developed an optical measurement system in the mobile robotics industry for Kiva systems, now belonging to Amazon. Almost 50’000 of these sensors are produced every year.


Atracsys developed its first passive tracking system: the infiniTrack. It enables integrator to have access to low-level information and data in order to offer more security and ergonomics compared to existing tracking system.


Atracsys launched in 2007 the accuTrack, its first medically certified product which is currently used on a day-to-day basis for implant placement.


Atracsys was established in 2004, capitalizing years of research at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). Its name is an acronym for Advanced Tracking Systems, and that’s what Atracsys started out with: developing high-precision optical measurement solutions for medical surgery.