Accuracy Verification Tool (AVT)

The Accuracy Verification Tool (AVT) is a product designed by Atracsys. It allows the user to check the trueness of an optical tracking device. Atracsys has designed and manufactured an Accuracy Verification Tool that allows its customers to conduct on-site accuracy verification tests at any time.

The AVT enables customers to ensure that the optical tracking system is within the range of accuracy that has been defined by the needs of the customer’s project. An AVT report is issued upon completion of each test, and Atracsys technical team receives a copy of the report automatically to be able to advise its customers, in case any additional technical support is needed. It consists of an artefact and an acquisition software. Whilst the AVT does not calibrate or allow re-calibration, it provides an insight to whether or not the unit in use requires to be returned to Atracsys for maintenance.

The AVT artefact is a rigid body with a geometry known to a high accuracy. Every AVT artefact is metrologically checked. (A metrology report should be available with your AVT artefact shipment). The AVT software guides the user in moving the AVT artefact through the working volume of the tracking system. During the process, data is recorded and saved in several files. Those files are automatically sent to Atracsys for processing at the end of the capture. The resulting report is then sent back to the user by email.